This is the webpage of "Sunshine Little Kitchen Restaurant and Food Court Chain" initiated and founded by Hui-Shin Wong.

Here at Dr. Wong Foundation, we offer a series of non-profit activities for a better world which include Dr. Wong Fellowship, Sunshine Little Kitchen non-fiction book and Malaysian Footprint Magazine selling platform, Sunshine Little Kitchen Restaurant and Food Court Chain, Angel's Breakfast, The-Joy and etc.

The founder, Hui-Shin Wong welcome all investors and donors to join this vision for a better world under United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Wong Foundation is a philanthropic unit of with one of the mission to help the world to be more humane by solving the national and worldwide social problem. The first organization which Dr. Wong foundation is going to fund would be "Fair? Why?" which enable the audience's understanding of the fair allocation of successful individuals and failures. People might think that they were not treated fairly by their community or GOD if you are religious, then, you must look for help from "Fair? Why?" and more humane oriented and driven organization or startups which are funded by Dr. Wong Foundation. Besides, Dr. Wong Foundation has many roles. We will officially talk about more when everything is ready and confirm running.

Email Hui-Shin Wong for more information.